WCF 1646

A Brief History

The Westminster Confession of Faith 1646


The Westminster Confession is the written Confession of Faith of English-speaking Presbyterians all over the world. This historical document was produced by the Westminster Assembly; these ordinary men, in God’s good providence were jointly called by the Long Parliament in 1643, during the English Civil War. Undeterred, they chose to meet regularly in the Westminster Abbey until the year 1649. The confession itself was completed in the year 1646 and then presented to Parliament, which unanimously approved it after some minor revisions in June of 1648.


Adopted by the Church of Scotland 1647, various American and English Presbyterian bodies would go on to use the Westminster as a standard for doctrine and Christian living rooted in the inerrant & infallible word of Holy God. Patterned after the Irish Articles of Religion (1615), it also drew heavily upon the Reformed tradition of the European continent and the creedal heritage of the early Christian Church.


It consists of 33 chapters, closely reasoned and grave in style, and it provides some latitude among points of view recognized within the orthodoxy of the time. It states that the sole doctrinal authority is Scripture, and it agrees with and restates the doctrines of the Trinity and of Jesus Christ in the creeds of the early church. It holds to reformed views of the sacraments, the ministry, and the two covenant of works and grace are given. (See Link: Westminster Standards) 

“The work produced by the Westminster Assembly has lived and will permanently live. The reason is obvious. The work was wrought with superb care, patience, precision, and above all with earnest and intelligent devotion to the Word of God and zeal for His glory.”

-John Murray


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